Disability Benefits



"Disability" is a term that is used in different ways, depending on what system we talk about.

Do you know the difference when disability is used in the following systems?

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Social Security

For example, disability in social security means that you can't do any full-time job.  But disability in workers' compensation might mean that you can work a full-time job.

Often times "disability benefits" means something different even in the same system!

Funny Math

And when you have a disability, sometimes that math that you were taught in grade school is not the math the system uses to figure out your complete disability award.  

For example, if you're a veteran and you have a 40% award for one body part and a 40% award for another body part, likely that the addition used by the VA will not add up to 80%! 

The same kind of funny math is used in the workers' compensation system.

Not Easy

Each system has its own complexities.  Either defined by law or regulation or most times by both.  Add to that cases that were appealed that then define how to apply the law and regulation and you have a lot of information to search through.

It's What We Do... Everyday!

Let us to the heavy lifting for you!  We do this kind of work everyday.